“No religion”

How to understand the decline in religious identity, strengthen solidarity, and democratize our political societies.



Diary: April, 2019

1er avril. Mort. Et les années, ils passent. April 2. Tonight I attended a panel put on by the Muslim Students Association of the Law Faculty at McGill University. The topic was the recently introduced law on laïcité put forward by the Coalition Avenir Québec, which focuses on the wearing of religious symbols by representatives…

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Diary: March, 2019

Feb 25. From Anna Karenina: “he did not like to be contradicted, especially when he was met with arguments that incessantly shifted their ground, introducing new considerations without sequence so that it was difficult to know which of them to answer first.” Feb 27. One of those historical events I’d like to take the time…

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Diary: February, 2019

Feb 3. In The Brothers Karamazov Smerdyakov says that it would not be a sin to renounce Christ if you were forced to do so. He would step on Christ’s face and apostatize, asking God’s forgiveness afterwards. It’s sort of the perverse flip side of a saying found in most of Dostoevsky’s major novels: “all…

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Australian Diary: August, 2017

July and August were monotonous months. It was wintertime in Canberra, which, particularly in the evening, meant wearing “singlets” under sweaters under blankets. It was cold outside, it was cold inside. The purple wool throw—purchased in touristy enthusiasm in Melbourne—was in near-constant use. Every evening the temptation was an Australian fixture: a warming cup of…

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Australian Diary: Holy Week, 2017

This Holy Week past I read the Gospel of John on the assumption that there is something to be gained by doing so in the form we currently have it. That may seem rather obvious. It’s certainly not a novel approach. And it’s worth observing that it doesn’t negate other readings. Those remain possible, fruitful,…

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Australian Diary: June, 2017

From suburbia to the nearby countryside, we took a little adventure. And that was thanks to Candace’s co-worker Joanne. Her ageing, resilient minivan took us to three notable spots: the new Cotter Dam, the Canberra Deep Space Station Communication Complex (the CDSCC is operated by NASA), and the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Thankfully, it was a…

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Anti-Atheism in Early Modern England 1580-1720. Brill, 2015.

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