Death on April Fool’s Day

Some thoughts on Confessions of an Opium-Eater, aesthetics, and living history.


Looking out onto the world

An essay on Father and Son by Edmund Gosse.

Turning around

A review of The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik.

A superior understanding of Canada

A review of The Longer I’m Prime Minister by Paul Wells.

Predictably conventional

An essay on the Canadian political spectrum.


To end poverty

An essay on Karl Marx, Jesus Christ, and politics.

Isaiah’s vision

A post about reading the Book of Isaiah en fran├žais.

Instances of ideology

A post on the pandemic politics GraceLife Church.

What is this that you have done?

A post on Genesis, anthropology, and ideology.

The passion and the prose

An essay on E. M. Forster, Charles Taylor, and the politics of literature.

That monstrous paradox

An essay on Genesis, Kierkegaard, and history.

A sudden disintegration

A review of The Evangelicals by Frances Fitzgerald and Virgin Nation by Sarah Moslener.

Weary of particulars

An essay on Hegel and the history of art.


Emperor Trump?

A post about President Trump and the ancient Rome analogy.

Has God disappeared?

A post about the scope of unbelief today.

Life’s narrative wholeness

A short essay about The Republic of Love by Joyce Carol Oates.

Seeing First Reformed

A review of the movie directed by Paul Schrader.

This paradise of books

An essay on wandering through the world of literature.

Unaffected by history?

A review of Why Study the Past? by Rowan Williams.

The history that lies between

A review of The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard Hays.

Bear witness

A post about Richard Ford’s novel, Canada.

Normative requirements

A post on the practice and method of writing the history of religion.

Seeing Never Look Away

A review of the movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmark.


A grand interlocking network

An essay on Northrop Frye and the politics of the human imagination.

The search after truth

An historical essay on how Hugo Grotius and religious apologetics shaped the Enlightenment.

Inventing the virtuous atheist

An historical essay on Plutarch and Enlightenment conceptions of atheism.


Consensus politics in Canada

A critical review of Justin Trudeau’s campaign book.

Seeing Fargo

A review of Season Two.

Taking the Bible as it is

An essay on interpreting the Bible.

Seeing the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize of Australia

A review and overview of the exhibit in Canberra.

No religion

An essay in the rise of the nones.

A whip out of cords

An essay on the politics of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

Commit sociology

A post on Stephen Harper’s maladroit phrase.

Disregard or despair?

A post on Alasdair MacIntyre and C. S. Lewis.

Seeing “The Case for Christ”

A review of the movie and its evangelical ideology.

2011 – 2016

Philip Yancey’s America

A post on the evangelical response to Trump.

Smart Alec

A post about my dad’s rejoinder to my childhood self.

Neoliberal Jesus

A review of a recent book by James Crossley.

Atheism’s origins

A review of Nick Spencer’s history of atheism.

The evangelical imagination

A review of Apostles of Reason, by Molly Worthen.

Augustine’s mantle

A review of collection of essays on Christian historiography.

An engaged faith

A review of A Public Faith, by Miroslav Volf.

Evangelical appropriation

A review of Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind, by Mark Noll.

Historicizing Christian nationalism

A review of a book about America’s founding and Christianity.

Ears to hear

A review of Anatheism: Returning to God after God, by Richard Kearney

Religious and atheist diversity: an essay

Immoral atheism

A response to a problematic article in Christianity Today.

Arguing against atheism

A review of five books on the “new atheists.”

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